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Free Family Financial Blueprint

We created this short video to highlight our signature service: Archetype’s Free Family Financial Blueprint. Healthy people go to the doctor for regular checkups, we visit the Dentist a couple times a year to get our teeth cleaned, and when we hear a funny noise coming from under the hood, we visit our master mechanic. That funny noise may be a bad alternator belt. Or, it may be something more expensive. Either way, nobody likes to be stranded on a hot summer day (especially in Houston).

The Master Mechanic Story

Back in the day (when I was a Master Mechanic), the most valuable service I offered my customers was a free 25 point inspection. I liked to call that free inspection a “Family Automobile Checkup”.  It kept me very busy in the summertime as families were getting ready to hit the road for summer vacation. Sometimes that free inspection helped me find and fix little things before they turned into funny noises under the hood.

Funny Noises in Your Portfolio

The fact that your investment portfolio isn’t making any funny noises right now, is exactly why I want to encourage you to take advantage of our free family financial Blueprint. Over the last 25 years, I’ve helped people of all ages and backgrounds create a plan to take control of their financial future and build wealth along the way.

From State Farm Main Street

I was the first State Farm agent in Houston who could actually charge a fee for financial advice. I became a Certified Financial Planner™ because I wanted to know what the heck I was talking about before giving people advice about Investment Management and Financial Planning. When State Farm decided to get out of the financial planning business, I went to work on Wall Street.

To Morgan Stanley Wall Street

My old friend Jeff Thomas invited me to join his team at Morgan Stanley. We had a dream. We believed every family deserved a quality financial plan and we thought it made a lot of sense to start Every Plan with a Blueprint. Everybody’s plan is different and nobody has the same idea of what it means to actually create a financial plan.

Everybody’s Offering Free Financial Plans

I know a lot of Financial Advisors who get paid to sell stuff and they always offer a free financial plan. For sales professionals, a “plan” helps to highlight their sales recommendations. Morgan Stanley and State Farm are both great sales organizations. I’m thankful for what I learned but when you work for a company like State Farm or Morgan Stanley, you work for the company. At Archetype, we work for your family.

What Matters Most

Archetype Wealth Partners is a group of like-minded people who believe that What Matters Most in life deserves more attention than the latest quarterly sales report. A few of our friends and families at Morgan Stanley liked our vision and they joined us. I’m inviting your family to think about joining us, too.

Your Vision, Values, and Purpose

Archetype is different because we make a big investment up front to get to know you, your vision, values, and purpose. The Archetype Blueprint is our signature service and we offer it to every individual, family, and business owner we meet and it’s my way of encouraging your family to get a second opinion. It’s like that free 25 point inspection on your car – but a lot more important for your family’s future.

Helping Your Family See What’s Possible

The Blueprint helps you see what’s possible. Before we ask you to Trust Us with your money, our team will build a customized Blueprint to connect your money to your purpose in every area of your financial plan. The Blueprint is what we do. And we do it well. So, what do you have to lose?

A. I’ll check under the hood and show you everything I see that needs to be fixed, or 

B. You’re going to feel really good about the way your mechanic has been taking care of your family’s financial future.

Either way, my goal is to help you identify any gaps in your current plan, highlight a couple valuable ideas that you can put into action right away, and give you the chance to make a few new friends at Archetype Wealth Partners.

Jim Munchbach

Director of Financial Planning