"To whom much is given, much is required"...

We have all likely heard this scripture verse. Spiderman ran with a similar thought that, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  

Regardless of what led you to the decision to give, it's important to have an understanding of what and how you can give. Let your financial blessings give purpose to the lives of others by giving from all of your assets rather than just from cash.

You Can Give:

  • Portions of your business

  • Appreciated stock

  • Illiquid assets

Join us to ensure your generosity takes place in the most efficient and effective manner possible. 

do you have a strategic approach for your giving?

  • Is the majority of your giving coming from cash flow, while the bulk of your net worth is in other areas?

  • Do you have a giving strategy that maximizes your ability to give, while minimizing the taxes you pay?

  • Have you changed your giving for 2020, to take advantage of provisions in the CARES Act (passed in response to COVID-19)?

Join us as we address those questions and discuss:

  • Why having a giving strategy (including defined purpose) is crucial

  • How you can be more generous today and ways you can plan for greater generosity in the future

  • What you should expect from the organizations you support


We'll also include plenty of time to address your specific questions. 


A Strategic Approach to Generosity

Monday, November 30th


Zoom webinar


Jeff Thomas, CEO and Founder of Archetype Wealth
Mike Sharrow, President & CEO of The C12 Group

jeff thomas           mike sharrow



Founder and CEO of Archetype Wealth Partners

Jeff was named to Morgan Stanley's Chairman's Club (top 2% of advisors) in 2008.  From 2009 to 2013, Barron's magazine recognized him as "One of Texas' Top Financial Advisors". After 25 years of working at some of the biggest names on Wall Street, Jeff founded Archetype Wealth Partners, LLC., a pure fiduciary platform designed to help clients thrive across generations by connecting their money with their purpose. From advisors who are wired for more to high-capacity business owners, he is passionate about fueling leaders for greater impact. Jeff is author of Trading Up: Moving from Success to Significance on Wall Street. 


President & CEO of The C12 Group

Mike joined C12 as a member in 2010 while serving as an executive pastor for a large church in Texas and owner of a healthcare strategy consulting group. Prior to that he had served in a variety of leadership roles in both operations and sales corporately for the Walgreen Company, financial services as
well as strategic development work with Health by Design. In 2011 he exited his commitments to join the local C12 practice in San ntonio as an associate chair serving CEOs across that market. In 2013 he and a partner acquired the greater Central Texas region and stewarded it as it grew to a team of 8 full-time chairmen serving nearly 150 leaders. Mike is passionate about collaboration, strategic planning, Gospel initiatives and BHAG endeavors.


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