Bitcoin, the Bible, Sound Money and How Values Can Direct Your Capital

Posted by Kane McGukin on February 13, 2021

Bitcoin, the US Dollar, and sound money are sensitive topics that are increasingly popping up in conversations and news headlines.


In this episode, Jimmy Song and I chat about his new book Thank God for Bitcoin. We discuss how money is a tool, look at Bitcoin as...

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Pursue Purpose. Gain independence. Break away from the wirehouse.

Posted by Jeff Thomas on February 12, 2021

As a wirehouse advisor, do you feel like you aren’t able to do everything you want to do for clients? Do you feel like you are “wired for more”? It made sense to start your career there, but does it make sense to finish it there?


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January 2021 Stock Market Commentary

Posted by Ethan Pollard on February 5, 2021

Financial markets were mixed in January as a bout of volatility saw equities turn lower after a strong start to 2021. Much of this volatility can be attributed to the wild swings in GameStop and other heavily shorted stocks as a group of Reddit retail traders took...

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