Kane McGukin

Kane McGukin serves as Senior Data Strategist for Archetype Wealth Partners. He is passionate about technology, financial markets, and helping people progress. Kane and his wife, Ashley, live in Atlanta, GA with their two daughters. Archetype exists to help families thrive across generations by connecting their money with their purpose.

Recent Posts

Bitcoin, the Bible, Sound Money and How Values Can Direct Your Capital

Posted by Kane McGukin on February 13, 2021

Bitcoin, the US Dollar, and sound money are sensitive topics that are increasingly popping up in conversations and news headlines.


In this episode, Jimmy Song and I chat about his new book Thank God for Bitcoin. We discuss how money is a tool, look at Bitcoin as...

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Culture + Value = Mission

Posted by Kane McGukin on January 12, 2021

Culture is key. Great businesses, sports teams, colleges, and civilizations are built around strong cultures. Culture is ingrained in all of us at some level. But, what seems lost is the role culture plays in our homes.

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Presidential Elections: What impact do they have on your portfolio?

Posted by Kane McGukin on October 29, 2020

We’ve traveled the gauntlet in a very short time during 2019 and 2020. We’ve gone from trade wars, to interest rate volatility, to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are now rolling into a chaotic election. Without the right focus investors could find themselves making ...

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Identify the Required Resources for Navigating Transitions

Posted by Kane McGukin on September 30, 2020

In our series on transitions, we’ve been using the acrostic “SAIL” to define our process to help clients smoothly get through these periods. Below, we will address what the “I” in “SAIL”. The “I” stands for “Identify”, and is one of the more crucial components of...

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Plan For What is Difficult While it’s Easy

Posted by Kane McGukin on July 1, 2020

Success is a Process


Society would like for us to believe that achieving greatness, becoming a master, a rock star, or a multi-millionaire can happen overnight… with little effort. But that’s just not true. It rarely happens fast and a plan isn’t winning the...

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Your Decisions Drive Your Contentment and Determine Your Destination

Posted by Kane McGukin on July 1, 2020

When it comes to spending, how often do you feel an uneasiness in your stomach? How many times do you find yourself wishing you had a better or different lifestyle? Even worse, do you often find yourself comparing your income to your siblings or closest friends?

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