Thriving Family Principle: Shape Lives by Delivering Blessings

Written by: Sarah Bradley

How do I bless thee? Let me count the ways.

As a wealth management company, we often discuss how to pass on financial blessings. Questions like, “How do I not ruin my kids with my wealth?” and “How much is too much?” lead to rich and meaningful discussions on legacy and wealth transfer.


As a company, we believe your wealth touches four key areas of your life: your investments, strategy, family, and legacy. Creating and leaving a financial legacy is a good starting point for delivering blessings but makes for a lackluster ending.

If you stop and consider the top ten most meaningful moments in your life, would a financial gift or inheritance fill all ten slots? I would wager your list includes meaningful conversations, struggles you overcame, and experiences that had little or nothing to do with receiving money.

Now consider the five people who have most inspired you. Why did they make your list? How and why did the leave a positive mark on your life?


We are shaped more by our interactions with others than by our bank accounts.

Delivering a blessing can be as simple as doing for another what has been done for you. It can be as simple as doing more than you've been asked to do. Whether you send an encouraging text, tell someone you love them, or remind someone of their worth, take a moment each day to value the people around you. Like financial investing, the impact of sowing into others (a little bit at a time) compounds with time. You may even find how much you are blessed as you begin to bless others.

Regardless of your background, social status, or net worth, you've been given a specific set of skills and talents that you can share. Do you have a good understanding of what your talents are? If so, find ways to share your talents to better your community and to build or inspire the lives of others. If not, breakout a pen and paper and think about all the non-financial ways you can give back.

Blessings can be given in more ways than just money. The wealth you provide with your talents can have a great impact for decades to come.

At Archetype, we have a set of twelve principles designed to help families thrive across generations. Check out more blogs from our "Thriving Family Principles" series.

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Sarah Bradley serves as Senior Client Advisor with Archetype Wealth Partners in Houston, TX. Sarah is a graduate of Texas A&M and a Certified Public Accountant. She worked for three years at PricewaterhouseCoopers before joining the Archetype team. Archetype exists to help families thrive across  generations.


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