How has COVID-19 impacted the M&A market?

Written by: Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas, CEO of Archetype Wealth Management, and Matt Gilbert, Principal of GAP Advisors, share how the current economic environment is impacting both business owners looking to transition and third-party buyers.



  • COVID has created an amazing amount of stimulous, so if you're a seller, you will probably have a lower tax bill if you sell your business sooner rather than later.  Pre-COVID valuations drive the investment community, so you can still get the high valuation. 

  • For buyers, the current environment is extremely attractive as interest rates have gone to the floor.  Buyers are thinking long-term and are looking through this season to see the opportunity and future trajectory of the business.


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Selling Your Business: How are current valuations?


Jeff Thomas is the Founder/CEO of Archetype Wealth Partners. He has assembled an amazing team to provide an open architecture, fee-only (fiduciary) platform that offers a wide variety of investment choice to clients. Archetype exists to help families thrive across generations.


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