Be Inspired By Giving

Posted by Chip Brackley on November 18, 2020

Can you recall a time when you received an unexpected gift? Maybe you were in need at the time, or possibly it was something totally unexpected? Thinking back on situations like these, what is it that you remember? Was it the gift or the feelings and emotions you...

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If You Want Championships, Focus on the Basics.

Posted by Chip Brackley on October 19, 2020

Today I want to show you that financial planning isn’t complex and it’s actually a simple process. 


What makes it simple?  Learning the 4 pillars of financial planning.

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Do you have time to understand what your use of money is telling you?

Posted by Chip Brackley on September 15, 2020

We are all given a core set of resources: time, talent, treasure, truth, relationships, etc.

How you view, use and deploy each of these has far-reaching effects on the outcomes you find yourself in. Most importantly, how you use your available resources is the...

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Spiritual Capital: How Big is Your Capital Investment?

Posted by Peter Roselle on September 2, 2020

Spiritual capital describes the spiritual legacy we leave our children as it relates to Christian faith and values.

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Money: It’s a medium of exchange or a tool. Nothing more, nothing less

Posted by Chip Brackley on August 27, 2020

To most of us, we think money is a means to an end. “If I just had $X amount” seems to be a common theme.

What we’ve found at Archetype is money doesn’t always solve problems, and in many cases it can create new ones. Like the lottery problem: You win... you get a...

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Character Capital: What Traits Do You Want to Hand Down?

Posted by Trevor Harris on August 26, 2020

While the word “inheritance” makes tangible assets (like money and real estate) come to mind, it is often the intangible assets that surface first when impacting the next generation.

Trust, honor, commitment, and integrity are some of the many traits that define...

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Relational Capital: The Importance of Relationships in Life & Success

Posted by Josh Arrington on August 24, 2020

We are at our best when we are in healthy relationship with one another. Practically speaking, our network of relationships impacts our lives in a myriad of ways: Finding the right doctor, getting that new job, landing a key referral, meeting a significant other –...

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Thriving Family Principle: Have a Written Plan

Posted by Sarah Bradley on August 21, 2020

We recently met with a business owner who had spent the majority of his life building a successful chemicals company. Though he enjoyed his work, the inevitability of age had forced the conversation of succession. He had thought through and explored several options...

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Intellectual Capital: Wisdom & Lessons Learned Are What Drives Wealth

Posted by Sarah Bradley on August 19, 2020

If your money was taken from you today, what else would you give to the next generation?

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Financial Capital: A Resource That Fuels More Than Your Investments.

Posted by Cale Dowell on August 17, 2020

Almost every decision we make in life has a capital component to it. In other words, there is an exchange or investment of value involved. As we’ve outlined before, the Five Capitals that make up a “Full Inheritance” are:

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5 Capitals: True Value of An Inheritance

Posted by Chip Brackley on August 5, 2020

When you think about the word “inheritance”, what comes to mind?  If you are like most, then money and property immediately surface.  We think about what we can pass down to the next generation, but is that really all there is to it?

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Culture + Value = Mission

Posted by Kane McGukin on July 1, 2020

Culture is key. Great businesses, sports teams, colleges, and civilizations are built around strong cultures. Culture is ingrained in all of us at some level. But, what seems lost is the role culture plays in our homes.

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Start with Sturdy Pillars

Posted by Chip Brackley on July 1, 2020

Our mission is to help you reach contentment.

We believe if you don’t have clarity about what you’re doing and you aren’t confident in why you’re doing it, then you likely won’t be content with where you are. With contentment, comes a life-altering peace of mind.

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It’s Never Too Early To Teach Your Kids About Money

Posted by Chip Brackley on July 1, 2020

Financial education is important and it’s never too early to teach kids about money. Money management is one of the most important life skills we can learn and yet it’s not really a focus in the education system.

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Your Decisions Drive Your Contentment and Determine Your Destination

Posted by Kane McGukin on July 1, 2020

When it comes to spending, how often do you feel an uneasiness in your stomach? How many times do you find yourself wishing you had a better or different lifestyle? Even worse, do you often find yourself comparing your income to your siblings or closest friends?

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Money Talks: The Inheritance Trap

Posted by Cale Dowell on June 30, 2020

Do you plan to leave an inheritance to your kids?

A 2015 report by US News found that Baby Boomers control 70% of all of the disposable income in the United States, which is leading to the largest transference of wealth in human history over the next 30 years.[1]

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Generational Wisdom: A Father's Blessing

Posted by Sarah Bradley on June 19, 2020

I have the privilege of interviewing families to capture their money story, a blessing to their children, and the legacy of values they wish to pass down to the next generation. While I love every part of this process, I am particularly fond of the blessing portion...

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Generational Wisdom: The Power of Story

Posted by Sarah Bradley on May 11, 2020

We are obsessed with culture: how to create it, sustain it, and multiply it . But culture isn’t merely for companies and organizations. Every family has its own culture as well.  This culture is built moment by moment over the lifespans of current, former and future...

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Stewarding Your Wealth

Posted by Leslie Adame on April 9, 2020
Beyond Investments

Your wealth goes beyond investments, it involves your family, your strategy and your legacy.


Greater wealth brings greater complexity. So how do you ensure you are intentionally stewarding your wealth? Here are some questions you should be...

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How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 5

Posted by Archetype Wealth Content Team on April 3, 2020

 “Life is not about accumulation; it is about contribution” – Stephen Covey

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How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 4

Posted by Josh Arrington on April 2, 2020

Day Four is all about the future and financial planning!  This is an opportunity to not only talk about dreams and goals for life, but also to discuss a huge issue that younger generations today are often accused of not understanding:  Delayed Gratification.  It is...

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How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 3

Posted by Josh Arrington on April 1, 2020

Day T1 ree and we are turning our attention to investing.  In particular, what are the different kinds of common investments, how do they differ, and why should someone want to purchase them? 

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How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 2

Posted by Josh Arrington on March 31, 2020

Welcome to day two of our Financial Basics information.  Today, we are taking on a subject t1 at is crucial to financial success - budgeting.  Sadly, in all areas of life and among people of all ages and economic standings, I am always amazed at how many people do...

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How to engage your next gen around finances - Day 1

Posted by Josh Arrington on March 30, 2020

Welcome to an opportunity to bond with your children and to teach them some valuable lessons they may not learn in our traditional education system.  The goal is not to turn them into financial experts or to cover every detail of the various concepts covered.  The...

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To the Young, Variable Income Earners...

Posted by Archetype Wealth Content Team on February 6, 2020

I married a variable income earner and we moved to New York City. I could not be happier, but there have been some challenges, especially in the area of planning for our financial future. My wife owns her own business doing a variety of jobs from speaking across the...

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Seven Generations

Posted by Jeff Thomas on November 1, 2019

I recently went on a wine tour that included a tasting from a winery called “7 Generations”.  Their brochure talked about being in the wine business for 180 years. 

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Thoughts on Becoming a Grandparent

Posted by Jeff Thomas on October 29, 2019

A week ago, my first grandchild, Cameron, was born.  His mother, my daughter Ally, went to the hospital just as Jose Altuve hit a walk-off homer to send the Astros to the World Series!

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10 Times More Likely to Stay Together Forever

Posted by Archetype Wealth Content Team on October 16, 2019

I’m about to get married and I’m writing about divorce. One of the biggest reasons for divorce is money. This is true for couples across the board: blue collar, white collar, or no collar. It’s great to have money but it is awful if money has you.

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THRIVE: Empowering Women Around Finances

Posted by Sarah Bradley on October 15, 2019

What a weekend! It was a joy to gather with women from across the city (and state!) for our first THRIVE event. We discussed the foundations of wealth and the impact that cultivating gratitude can have on your legacy.

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The Power of Gratitude: Counteracting Entitlement

Posted by Sarah Bradley on September 25, 2019

One of the most common questions we get asked as advisors is, “How do I not ruin my kids with money?” Many successful couples face the reality that their wealth will one day flow to one of three places: charity, their kids, or the IRS. And the reality that their...

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Money Talks: How Much Money Should You Leave to Your Kids?

Posted by Cale Dowell on September 19, 2019

Have you wondered how much money is appropriate to give to your kids?

I had the opportunity to share a weekend with 25 families that had a net worth of $50 million or more. Part of the gathering was to discuss this challenging question, and it was the most engaged...

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Preparing the Next Generation for Their Financial Future

Posted by Cale Dowell on September 12, 2019

In 1984, a young kid named Daniel moved to California and quickly became the target of a group of bullies that studied karate at the Cobra Kai dojo. Fortunately for Daniel, he befriends an unassuming repairman, Mr. Miyagi, and is transformed into one of my...

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Generational Wisdom: A Tale of Three Kings - Part II

Posted by Sarah Bradley on August 21, 2019

King David’s son, Solomon, stewarded abundant wealth with great wisdom. But what of David’s grandson, Rehoboam?

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Reflections from an Empty Nest

Posted by Archetype Wealth Content Team on August 9, 2019

With college just around the corner, parents experience an influx of emotions as their kids gear up to leave the nest. 

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Generational Wisdom: A Tale of Three Kings Part 1

Posted by Sarah Bradley on July 19, 2019

Remember David, the kid who killed Goliath, the giant? He started as a shepherd boy and went on to rule a kingdom worth multiple billions in today’s dollars. His son, Solomon, became the wealthiest man of his time (worth approximately two trillion in today’s...

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Generational Wisdom: Do You Know?

Posted by Sarah Bradley on July 3, 2019

Could something as simple as sharing family stories around the dinner table or while on vacation significantly and positively impact your kids?

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Momma Knows Best

Posted by Archetype Wealth Content Team on May 12, 2019

If your Mom was like mine, she repeated herself frequently. Whether it was barking orders at us or offering nuggets of wisdom, my Mom had some common “go-to” sayings. They were annoying at the time but continue to prove valuable to this day. In honor of Mother’s...

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Inheriting Wealth: Not a Burden to Bear, but a Privilege to Steward

Posted by Archetype Wealth Content Team on April 22, 2019

Inheriting wealth, big or small, is an uncomfortable topic. For some, it provides security privately but for others it changes them publicly. Some hide it out of shame and others boast about it.

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Will You Regret Selling Your Business?

Posted by Cale Dowell on February 28, 2019

When you really think about it, you realize that 100% of businesses will transition… whether it’s to a family member, a buyer, or simply closing the doors. Every company undergoes a transition of some kind.


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The Elephant in the Room

Posted by Sarah Bradley on November 29, 2018

In my last blog post, I highlighted the reality of relational risks (the “Why?” behind your financial plan) in your financial portfolio (read more here). In this post, I will discuss the impact of failing to consider those risks.

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Why Would A Wealth Management Firm Focus on Helping Families Thrive?

Posted by Cale Dowell on November 15, 2018

Why would a Wealth Management company host an event on helping families thrive?

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The Ideal Stewardship Model

Posted by Sarah Bradley on October 25, 2018

When you purchased or built your home, what did you consider? Certainly the price, probably the neighborhood. You considered whether its size could accommodate your family or future family. You looked at school district zoning and thought through how long you...

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Reflections from an Empty Nest

Posted by Archetype Wealth Content Team on October 17, 2018

With the holiday season just around the corner, we have turned our focus here at Archetype toward family. Our mission is to help families thrive over generations. However, the current reality is that many families are not thriving and younger generations are...

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Sustainable Investing as a Conversation Starter with the Next Gen

Posted by Peter Roselle on August 7, 2018

Our clients often ask us for advice on helping educate the next generation about investing principles.

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