Bitcoin, the Bible, Sound Money and How Values Can Direct Your Capital

Written by: Kane McGukin

Bitcoin, the US Dollar, and sound money are sensitive topics that are increasingly popping up in conversations and news headlines.


In this episode, Jimmy Song and I chat about his new book Thank God for Bitcoin. We discuss how money is a tool, look at Bitcoin as savings technology, and consider Bitcoin's principles and values that align with Christianity. Is there a connection between faith, Bitcoin, and money? Tune in to find out.

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In our discussion, we hope to bring awareness to both religious individuals and Bitcoiners. We aim to connect the dots between morals, religion, time preference, productive behaviors, and money.

Jimmy is one of the most well-known faces in the Bitcoin Community. He is a developer, investor, and speaker among many other talents. He and a few other Bitcoiners recognized that a larger than expected population of Christians exists within their circle. Through this book, Jimmy seeks to spread both words and aims to connect more Christians and Bitcoiners.

In this episode, we attempt to look at Bitcoin from a different angle by focusing our attention on the similarities between religion and Bitcoin.

Christians and Bitcoiners are two very distinct groups. Both are very principled, operate off a values-based system, and in many ways seek to remove much of the greed and societal issues we've seen arise over the decades.

Both groups have a common factor in that they understand money is a tool.


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