“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.”

After 7 years of working in wealth management at Bear Sterns and UBS Kane decided there had to be more, a better way to provide impactful financial advice using technology that was disrupting every other industry.

He left UBS and the wirehouse world with the goal of change. Kane’s desire was to embrace technology so that he could deliver digital financial tools to the clients… not fee heavy financial products. He is passionate about technology, financial markets, and helping people progress. Kane’s mission is helping individuals fund the lifestyle they desire within the bounds of the income they receive. In a digitally connected 21st Century there’s no better time than now.

Kane is analytical and creative with a background covering portfolio management, commercial real estate appraisals, technology and art. He provides the right mix of technicalities with creativity in order to provide impactful tools for families desiring to leave a legacy and create a positive future for generations to come.

Kane and his wife, Ashley, live in Atlanta, GA with their two daughters. Outside of work he enjoys coaching his children, creative projects, college football, golf and spending time with family.

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