NavigatingTheNoise inflation

Navigating the Noise

In this show, Kane McGukin interviews crypto market participants in hopes of bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and Crypto Markets.
Each epidsode discusses how monetary technologies like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are evolving the underlying rails of the existing financial system.


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The Collaborative: Ep. 2

Sarah Bradley and Rachelle Reigard discuss leadership and being an entrepreneurial woman operatingin a male dominated field.


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The Collaborative: Ep. 1

Sarah Bradley and Kathleen Carson discuss how she helps clients uncover their "why" to rediscover fulfillment in their work.


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The Breakaway Advisor: Ep. 1

Jeff Thomas and  Mindy Diamond discuss the freedoms of breaking away from the wirehouse model to build the business you've always wanted.


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Business RadioX Interview with Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas discusses with Business RadioX his background and philosophy for building a successful team that provides  financial advice in order to make a positive impact for clients.


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