Our Story


Your wealth involves more than simply picking the right investments. Your money affects your family, your legacy, your strategy and your investments. But we found the industry lacking both in practice and expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions for all of these areas.

For that reason, Archetype launched with a distinct mission: to connect your money with your purpose.

We are built to serve your entire family — generations ahead and generations behind you — without the conflicts of interest present at many of the large institutions. Our unique process facilitates deeper conversations and a supportive space for you and your family to explore and define what matters most. We work collaboratively to provide sound investment advice and a well-defined strategy that delivers clarity and confidence so that your family may live abundantly.

Vision, Mission and Values

OUR VISION: To build the ideal, God-honoring wealth management company.

OUR MISSION: To help families thrive across generations by connecting their money with their purpose.


  • Lead with Integrity
  • Fueled by Passion
  • Delivering Excellence
  • Above and Beyond