An early mentor of mine convinced me early in my walk with Christ that you can never argue with a person’s testimony. It’s true and unique to them and reveals what they have experienced in life. This book “Trading Up“ is a personal testimony of one of the most successful financial advisors in the country. He traces his life as moving from success to significance and I have personally witnessed that over probably 12 to 15 years of relationship with Jeff. This is a compelling story that will challenge you greatly as to your perspective, the real driver of all financial decision making. I am so delighted that Jeff put his story on paper and that it can be shared with, hopefully millions of others. It is true and it is compelling.
– Ron Blue, Founding Director, Kingdom Advisors


My friend, Jeff Thomas, reminds us that God’s wisdom about money will change your life! He knows, because he has lived it!
– Howard Dayton, Founder, Compass-finances God’s Way


Jeff’s story illustrates a clear connection between Biblical principles and business practices. Leaders can Trade Up in business to a higher purpose.
– Cliff Robinson, SVP/Chief People Officer, Chick-Fil-A


If more leaders can let Jeff’s experiences save them from the “hollow golden egg” by pressing into the gnawing sense of “there must be more” to find their true destiny – the world would be a better place. Read it and trade up for the best life!
– Mike Sharrow, CEO, The C12 Group


In Trading Up, Jeff Thomas unravels the deceitfulness of worldly “success” and reveals the joy of abiding in Christ as a marketplace leader. Jeff’s transparency, humility, and energy draw his audience into a personal reflection of the journey toward true significance.
– Dr. Chris Holdorf, CEO, National Christian Foundation


A great read…Jeff’s story illuminates a path that leads to success and significance at the same time.
– Dean Niewolny, Halftime


We all have a story, but most people focus on the woes of their past and have a hard time reconciling the immediate and the eternal. Jeff Thomas has, again, broken away from the ordinary and proven himself extraordinary: in Trading Up, he gives us an inside look at his past with a focus on the wisdom gained through experience and relationships. Get ready for his authentic considerations of what distracts most and what matters most; you won’t be able to put it down!
– Bob Shank, Founder/CEO, The Master’s Program


Jeff’s story illustrates, once again, that generosity is the antidote for greed. That is a truly great trade!
– Todd Harper, President, Generous Giving